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///urban.prospection.network/// PRESENTATION (EN)

what is the ///urban.prospection.network///
It is a cultural, private and non-profit entity, with public national and international projection, founded in 2011, which aims to promote and boost the sustainable development of communities through the creativity of young professionals.

Oriented to cultural management, employment for young graduates and the impulse of social participation, the ///urban.prospection.network/// addresses its area of study and work to the sustainable recovery and recycling of contents and concepts, having as conceptual basis the reoccupation of disused urban structures and its relationship to public space and natural surroundings, always taking into account the creative possibilities motivated by the contemporary situation.

It consists on a networked urban laboratory, where young urban professionals from multiple technical, artistic and scientific areas, provide its experience on the practices of creative urban intervention, in order to cooperate in the development of urban and rural contexts through multidisciplinary projects at various scales: working methods beyond the established, that generate intensive processes of creation and collective participation associated with the thrust of the sustainable city.

who takes part on ///urban.prospection.network///
The team of the ///urban.prospection.network/// has a multidisciplinary nature and is made up of young professional graduates with the right profile to the area and scale of each project that is requested. The aim is to create networks of creativity among different national and international intervention contexts, generating employment opportunities for young people, with recognition by the presence of academics and prestigious practitioners from multiple technical, artistic and scientific areas, involving creative professionals on each project, through agreements with national and international universities. The concept includes corporate social responsibi-lity and the creation of opportunities for the development of projects by young professionals, in a constructive and collaborative environment, where sha-ring experience and knowledge takes to the strength of connections with the business area.

what is done at ///urban.prospection.network///
The team of the ///urban.prospection.network/// provides its collaboration with public and/or private entities, in the form of creative consulting services, in order to support the sustainable and functional development of urban and rural contexts, where by its own means, the costs associated with those services could not be supported.

It is about completing and diversifying (in public functions and location in the urban context) the programs of creating and occupation of infrastructures and/or urban facilities, through intervention strategies of ‘creative urban exploration’ with minimal impact, with reduced costs and future easy maintenance.

The main beneficiaries are the population, with the return of professionals to forgotten urban contexts, which continue to require existing infrastructure in times of crisis. At the ///urban.prospection.network/// multidisciplinary projects will be developed, to act as engine of economy, culture and local society, from conception to realization, through strategic public-private partnerships

On the other hand, this initiative will be a catalyst for innovation and recognition, strengthening the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of national and international contexts and projects over the ///urban.prospection.network///, being part of a ‘cities network of creative urban exploration’.

sponsorship of ///urban.prospection.network///
The working method involves the creation of networks between teams, made up with size and period of presence according to each location and to the requested projects, and it is based on agreements with public institutions, universities, companies and their counterparts at a national and international context.

The expenses arising from the existence of teams of young professionals, the realization of events and the development of projects will be funded through sponsorships of organizations that share the same goals and interests in achieving the described goals.

The logos of the sponsors will be present in all the communication media used, in both physical format and online, whether global sponsors for the entire national or international territory, or local sponsors for each of the cities intervened or specific projects/activities.

Sponsorships and collaborative arrangements, by their nature, are aimed at private companies and/or national and international public institutions. For sponsoring the ///urban.prospection.network/// may put in contact with prospection.network@mail.com


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